Katie and Grace

Hello, we are two sighthounds who like to blog and Tweet.

I am Katie Whippet - I am a brindle and white whippet, who likes to sleep and eat. I do have some duties, I keep the sofa safe, bark at the bin men, steal and hide shoes and help the puppy evict cats from our garden.

I am Grace Puppy - I am Grace Puppy - I am not actually a puppy any more, but, because I am young, Katie Whippet calls me puppy. I like to whine and play. My duties are keeping watch for cats in the garden.

We live with Mummy, and two cats, Yazz Cat and Tom Cat and like to tell everyone about what we are getting up to.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Love and being Loved

Katie Whippet

It is a very sad fact that not all hounds, dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and other pets, including small critters do not have loving homes.

My mummy is unsure of my past, as I was nearly 3 years old when I came to live with mummy.  I cannot remember that far back - but apparently when I came to mummy, I was covered in fleas, so much so, it looked like my brindle pattern on my back was moving.  I had chewed away at my tail, so you could see the bones through my thin skin.  I was not socialised with other dogs, I was frightened of them, so would bark at them if I was on the lead an could not run away. My claws were too long.

Mummy said when I came to her I was a bewildered little whippet.

Many things can be put right very quickly, I was treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated against nasty diseases, and fed good wholesome food.

But other things take longer. I clung to mummy right from the start, something seemed to tell me she would take care of me.  But, I had never been out for walkings before, so suddenly to be free - I chased everything and anything - I did find my way back to mummy - eventually - but I had usually hurt myself in my mad dashes.  In the end, mummy just gave up letting me off my lead, unless she knew I was totally enclosed.  It took four years before she trusted me again.  By which time, my bond with mummy was so deep, that I walked to heel better off the lead.

This was actually a paradox, because, on the lead, I was more frightened by other dogs.  But mummy needed to keep me safe.  All I could do to dogs I did not know was bark at them.  I soon made many doggy friends, but, I was still very unsure.

Mummy had always lived with animals, and was very fair with me.  She let me share the sofa, her bed, and her food.

When mummy got me, mummy's husband was with us.  But he was very poorly, and he left us and went to heaven.  I helped mummy all I could, by being there for her - just as she helped me when I first arrived.  Love is a two way street and you give and you should receive.

Dogs love to love humans, and to be loved by humans.  It is so unfair when our love is not returned.  Mummy has taught me, that she will always love me, no matter what.  She has even taken a part time job so that she can be with us more.  She says there is more to life than money - and her life is richer for having dogs in it.

My life is richer for having mummy in it.

Grace Puppy

I am a very lucky puppy, I have only ever been loved.  Mummy says it shows, because I am a confident puppy.  But, I have had my problems.  I have had a poorly tummy which has taken nearly two years to sort out.  Some owners would not have been as patient with me refusing to eat, being sick and having poorly poos.

I was poorly at Christmas, because I ate some num  - num streaky bacon, Granddaddy thought it would be a nice treat for me!  I was very poorly, and mummy had to take me home early on Christmas day.  I kept being very sick - so mummy sat outside in the garden with me for a long time on Christmas day evening.

That is true love for your hound.

Our Doggy friends

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Once upon a time, a long time ago......

Grace Puppy

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Katie Whippet was a young puppy like me (although, she would never admit to it, and says she was born the size she is now.)

She was very naughty - and used to run off and not come back.  Mummy says, she spent hours looking for Katie Whippet.  Katie used to get caught in bushes, cut by barbed wire, fall in streams, and have to be rescued by Mummy.

But, Mummy says there  was one incident which stopped Katie running off again......


Mummy used to walk Katie down by the river near to our house.  Katie had found a hole in a hedge, which lead into a field - she used to nip through this hole, to have a run in the field.  Mummy says, Katie had done this a couple of time, but because Mummy was getting wise to her antics, Mummy was getting hold of Katie before she got to the hedge.  This made Katie more determined to get to the hole in the hedge before Mummy had a chance to get hold of her.

Because of this, Katie usually disappeared through the hole quite fast......

But one day, there was something on the other side of the hole.....

Katie ran through the hole in the hedge, and Mummy said all she heard was 'YELLLLLLLLP' and she turned to see, though the hedge, Katie Whippet about six foot in the air........

Mummy ran to the hole in the hedge to find a slightly bemused whippet standing on the opposite side of an electric fence.  Mummy said, there was nothing she could do to get Katie back - so she started to walk away - and Katie jumped over the fence and came back through the hole in the hedge.

Mummy said that Katie Whippet had a burn mark across her chest - she was not sure if this was due to the power in the fence, or that fact that she hit it with some force and it had just marked her.  But, because Katie has not got much fur, it looked worse than it probably was.

Mummy says, since then, the number of times that Katie has run off has been minimal.

Katie Whippet in 2005

Trials (bike) of being a Grace Puppy

Grace Puppy

Ooo, no, I did something really embarrassing today.  We were out on our walkings, which was in the afternoon, because it is a Saturday, and we always have walkings in the afternoon on Saturdays.  It was foggy this morning, but, the sunshine had just started to come out.  We go walkings through Orchid Wood - so I was looking for the hare again. Then we go along the top bank called Tawny.  The Tawny bank slopes down into a big field - sometimes we walk along there, but, it can be very muddy - so we usually, just turn around at the start of the slope, and go back along Tawny bank, then down to the lake.  Well today, I was ready for anything, I still wanted to find that hare - but, mummy kept calling me in the woods, and she had treats in her pocket.  When we got near to the slope down to the field on Tawny, I saw in the distance, something moving - it was still a bit misty, but, something was moving very fast - it was in my field! 'Ooo, it's the hare' I thought,' I am going to have some chasings of that.' There is no speed limit on the fields, so was was doing at least 40mph.  Suddenly I was in the middle of the field. 'Ooo, that hare has grown' I was thinking - So I stopped. Stared. Then though, 'I still want to be chasings it though.' So I started running again.  Well, suddenly the hare stopped. There was actually two of them.  They both stopped.  Then I realised they were making a noise.... I stopped.....'Ooo, I thought, they are not hares, they are peoples - and they are on machines.'  I tried not to look frightened.  Mummy was calling me - so I pretended that I was being a very good Grace Puppy and turned around and ran back to Mummy.  Mummy was not impressed.  Nor was Uncle Alan, Mummys brother.  He told me off.  Katie Whippet was laughing at me - but, I think she would have done the same in her younger days.

Katie Whippet.

Years of nurturer, education, and wisdom I have invested in that puppy, only for her to throw it all back in my face by chasing a couple of motorbikes!  I mean, hares, rabbits, squirrels, cats, the odd duck - fine, but, motorbikes? What would you do with it if you caught it?  I have to admit though, I did almost get caught up in the thrill of the chase.  At first, in the mist, in the far distance, they did look chaseable.  But it soon became obvious, from the noise they were making that they did not need to be chased.  I was concerned for the silly mutt of a puppy, so I did trot down to the field with mummy.  By which time, the mutt had realised the mistake she had made and was coming back.  Same silly speed, although the conditions were good, and we were not in a built up area. Uncle Alan was totally unimpressed by Grace's display of a sighthounds true character. Grace got told off!

Because the mutt puppy, did not see the fact that my ears went up, and I did gallop a few paces after her, at first. I laughed at her, and told her, she was a silly mutt puppy for not realising they were noisy machines and not hares! I also told her, that this would be all over Twitter when I got home - and on the blog.... But, she has not tired to hide it - she has admitted her mistake..... Mmm, I would not have! Ooo, embarrassing Electric fence incident..... Shhh.....
                                             View from Tawny

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hare today....

Grace Puppy

I had a very exciting walkings today.  We were on our way back though Orchid Wood, when in the distance, there was this large wabbit type of an animal.  Well, Katie actually saw it first, and ran towards it - the large wabbit wan - sorry ran.  I thought, Oooo, I will have a bit of that chasings please.  So, I set off at super Gracey puppy sonic speedings, at least 40mph in a 30mph limit (built up area, lots of trees and bushes). Once Katie saw me running she stopped - or maybe she heard a distant yell that was Mummy.....

I ran really hard for a very long way, but, then the large wabbit had gone!  I was still in Orchid Wood, and I could hear Mummy calling me.  Ooo, better find Mummy, so I rushed back in the direction I had already come, doing super Gracey puppy sonic speedings again - and went flying up to Mummy and Katie, who had just started to run too!  Mummy said I was a good girl, and gave me lots of treats, for coming back!  I think I was a good girl for chasing the large wabbit - because they are getting very big, and might take over the world.

On the way home in the car, Katie told me, it was not a wabbit, it was a hare! I am not too sure what a hare is? But it looked like a large wabbit, and was too fast, even for Gracey Puppy.

Katie Whippet

Had a little bit of sport on our walk today, the area is renowned for hares, it has been for years.  Mummy usually spots them far off in the fields - but today, they were in the woods.

I spotted a hare in the distance - I mean, now how dumb does an animal have to be - Dog walking woods, at 9.30am on a morning - eh? You are going to get chased.  So, never one to disappoint - I set off at Katie Whippet - alright for short bursts -speed.  The hare, legged it - I mean, it was not going to just stay there was it? Where is the fun in that?  From behind me, came Grace puppy - fully puppy pelt, breaking the speed limit for a quite hazardous built up area - no regard for her safety, or mine.  Round the corner - legs spinning, smoke coming of her paws...... I just pulled up.  There was no point in a pursuit - it would have been too dangerous, and not in the public interest.  

Mummy caught me up, and said ' We are going to have to run, to find Grace', as we went around the corner - so I agreed and jogged along side of her.  Then back from the way she went, at the same silly speed came Grace puppy - almost diving at Mummy - 'I am back' she said 'boy that was fun - didn't catch it though. Where were you fat bum'  Fortunately Mummy did not hear Grace call her a fat bum.... Oh, you meant me did you, you little puppy..... I will get you..........

Orchid Wood in the snow

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Our Friends

Grace Puppy

Friends who blog and tweet

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Nip Incident

Grace Puppy.

It is Saturday, Mummy is cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floor and putting the rubbish out, so I am free to go into the garden and cat spot from my favourite cat spotting spot, under the tree.  The cat sits in the branches of the tree.  It stares at me,(down - as cats always do) I stares back at it (up, as Grace Puppys do).  I whine at it. It stares back.  I bark at it. It stares back. I bounce at it. It stares back. But, sometimes, it moves! I do Grace puppy nutty whiny barky whine bark!  Now that gets Katie Whippet,  proper army job, deployed.  She only comes if it is serious cat invasion in inevitable.

So, I am watching the tree, there isn't actually a cat in it, but you cannot be too careful.  Unknown to me, Katie has come into the kitchen, and also unknown to me, Katie Whippet, sneaky little whippetty bum, is being hand fed the chicken off the chicken wings that mummy used to make my chicken water with last night!  I mean, HOW RUDE!

Anyway, I starts barking, Help, serious cat invasion! Help, there is a cat in next doors garden! Serious cat invasion! Cat in next doors Garden! Calling Katie Whippet, Calling Katie Whippet! Katie comes winging her way down the garden, full whippet pelt, (quite a sight! ) - despite chicken in the kitchen - I was impressed!  'Where are the Bl**dy cats then?' Ooo, not sure, there was one, it must have gone! 'Huh, likely story, you just wanted to see me run!' Unimpressed Katie, trots back to the chicken, that, I still don't know about!

Oh, but, it is there, behind next doors shed! Katie, it is still there! Calling Katie Whippet, Calling Katie Whippet! It is still there! Behind next doors shed! Help, Cat invasion, Cat invasion!  Nothing.... so, try again! Calling Katie Whippet, Calling Katie Whippet..... Still nothing..... Cat saunters off, behind the shed.

Then Mummy 'Ouch, you little bitch, don't snatch'

Hang on a minute, who is snatching what?  Trot up garden. Oh, I see, this is why you did not come! Chicken eh?  Hand fed chicken pieces eh?  Oh, you have just nipped mummy! HeHeHe...... Serves you both right! Sneaky pair of........

Anyway Katie, there was a cat behind the shed, and I saw it and you did not! *Smugg Grace Puppy*

The cat in the tree

Katie Whippet

OK, hang on a minute - Now you have read, Madam Mutts, perfect account of cat spotting, and think she is in the right - Well, I have you know, I was going through mental torture in the kitchen....

Mummy always has to close the living room door to stop the felines escaping - because Yazz cat is neurotic (what ever that means), and Thomas Kitten has never been outside before.

So, if she has let Grace Mutt out into the garden, I am usually on the sofa, protecting it from passing sofa thieves, who just might try to steal it!

But today, I thought I would have a nose around the garden too - so stood and stared at the closed living room door.  Mummy, being telepathic to Katie Whippet thoughts, opened the door, and let me into the kitchen.

Last night, Mummy had made some chicken water for Grace, who always says she has a poorly tummy, but, she still noshes on treats like no tomorrow, and never has any side effects - yet when it comes to meals, she is a fussy little Mutty Madam!

Anyway, the sideline from chicken water is chicken - no flies on me mate! Mummy had picked the meat off the bones, and given it to the cats - I mean, HOW RUDE! Her logic being, it was a meal for the Moggies, but only a mouthful for us.

Anyway, Yesterday evening, Thomas ate quite a lot of the chicken, but then stood there, and went, 'Well, I am stuffed', and wondered off, Yazz came, sniffed chicken, licked chicken, left chicken - and went to eat cat kibble! Eh? #special

So Mummy put the remaining chicken in the fridge!  This morning, she took it out, and was going to give it to Thomas - when I stood there, and caught her eye, with my cute pointy face, and gave her that look, that melts humans.... It worked!

Mummy started hand feeding me bits of chicken - RESULT! BING BONG! And, not a Mutty Grace Puppy anywhere to be seen!

But, Oh, no, what is that! Grace Puppy has spotted a cat!  Oh, no, serious cat invasion! Serious cat invasion! No!

I am going to have to check this out - otherwise I am not doing my canine duty to society.

Full pelt down the garden - Emergency stop. 'Where are the Bl**dy cats then?' I ask, because it is not obvious.  'Ooo, not sure, there was one, it must have gone!' Grace says..... 'Huh, likely story, you just wanted to see me run!' NOT IMPRESSED!

Trot back to CHICKEN kitchen.... Hope mummy has not decided to give it to the cats!

Ooo, no, it is OK, mummy is laughing, saying she is impressed I chose to help Grace than stay with chicken!

Mmmm, mummy, I am not doing that again - now where is that chicken? You haven't given it to the cats have you? Oh, it is still there, phew!

But, Oh, no, Grace has started yowling again! Oh, no! A whippets brain cannot cope with this - Duty to canine society or chicken. Cats or chicken? Cat - Chicken.....Whooops - I've nipped mummys finger!!! OH NO!  I am not a bitch, I am KATIE WHIPPET!  OOOooo sorry Mummy! Give me some more! Ooo, Grace is still yowling - Ooo, I have done it again!!! Sorry mummy! Sorry!

Oh, no, Mummy! Why did you have to say anything - Grace has come back - Obviously not a serious cat invasion then!  Oh, she is going to get some now!  Not much left, Phew!  She won't snatch! Why is she a good girl?


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lurcher Walk


Today, it was raining, a lot. Normally, we would just have gone a short walk with Mummy, because Lurchers (Me, Grace) and Whippets (Katie) do not like to get wet - unless, we are doing it ourselves, by running into lakes when chasing birds - or playing with water loving dogs.

But today was the day of the lurcher walk - yesterday was lovely and sunny, we would not have minded to go for a long walk yesterday, but, no, we had to go for a long walk today.

Mummy put our coats on, and put a silly hat on Katie Whippet, to stop here ears getting wet.  We got in the car (tin can) and started on our way.  But, Mummy went the wrong way - not the walkies way.  We were a little bit worried.  Anyway, she stopped the car, got out, for a few minutes - noses against the window - which are tinted, so you cannot see snotty dog nose marks all over them.  'Where has Mummy gone?' Panic! Oh, it's OK, she is just there - phew, she was playing with the machine that gives out money... That is OK then. Mummy gets back in the car, and we head off in the right direction.

More confusion! We have gone past our walkies stop.  Oh, no, were not going to London are we?  It is a long way to London - Ooo, maybe we are going to see Dave and Sylvia, and the cats.... Ooo cat food!  But, no, where are we going, turns, and more turns - Ooo, we have stopped.  Mummy is waving  - she has seen someone - Ooo, doors opened. 'You want us to come out - what and get rained on?' Oh, OK, treats.....

Why are we standing around it the rain! Ooo, more dogs to sniff - Hang on, they are all much bigger than me...

Oh, OK are we actually going to go for a walk now?  Hang on, Katie need to poo!  Ooo, the other doggies are going off their leads - can we go off Mummy - do zoomies?  What do you mean, not yet.....

Oh, I can go off now then - trot, Ooo, not to sure about this lot, they are bigger than me, Oh and they can keep up too - Find Mummy - Ooo, she is calling me, good excuse - my recall skills, maybe that will impress that huge bridle greyhound.... Sexy!  Ooo, you want me to have a treat, good - looks like I have come back for something!  I am a little bit frightened of this lot....  Stick close to Mummy, look like I am really well trained and am walking to heel.

Ooo, confidence is growing, I might just have a little trot with them - Oooo, Ooooooooo, they are running, HELP!  Mega Zoomies - I don't like this, they are all too fast, HELP, Mummy!  Oh, she's calling me - phew, go back looking like that was fun!  Hey Katie Whippet, did you see that? - what do you mean?, you didn't see a thing? Well, I suppose you wouldn't with your nose that close to the back of Mummy's knees.

Oh, phew, Mummy putting me back on the lead!  Hey, this isn't going to look good, what do you mean you are leaving Katie off her lead!  Hang on what about my street cred? What do you mean you think I am frightened?  No I am not! I thought I covered it up very well......

Trot, it is still raining, and I am still on my lead, Katie is still off the lead, with her nose attached to Mummy's right knee.

Oh, back in the nice warm car - Home - What do you mean we are going to the pub!  We cannot go in the Pub - Oh, in the smokers area - nice - Not.  We are two very wet and tired hounds - let us go home.... What do you mean social? - you don't do social..... No, I do not want crisps thank you....Oh, but Katie will have some.... Oh OK, I will try one.... not impressed - I want meat not salty, crunchy potatoes, cannot see the point really.... Oh, a second packet, and a cup of coffee - Oh, to warm you up - What about us two... Katie has got her nose in the crisp packet - Oh, Katie you really are the limit!

Oh, finally, you have seen sense!  Lets get to the car - I don't want to me wet again.  Ooo, yes, air con on full blast please - HOT setting - that is right!  Fastest way home please!  Yes, go down the A50 if you have too......

Ooooo, home! But, mummy has left us in the car, she has gone in the house! Panic - sorry, we did not mean to mention the second packet of crisps - honest! Oh, she's back, Phew.  OK, lets get inside - Oooo, Mummy, the gas fire is on!  Oooo, yes please, we'd love a bowl of food - Oooo, thank you.....

Oooo, this is nice - cushion in font of the fire - roast...... Move, on to the duvet mummy has put down on the floor for us - Ooo, Katie madam has nicked my roasting spot!  Hehehe, Katie is panting!  Mummy is telling her to 'Move then, you silly mutt', Ooo, swap places - Ahhhhhh, stretch and relax..... Dream about zoomies - I am faster that that lot - in my dreams!

Katie Whippet

Sunday - Gatecrashed the Lurcher walk - *common* .  It was raining, a lot! Not impressed, by the car ride - longer than usual, the location - never been there before, the company - Lurcher mutts, Mummys choice of head wear for me - I looked like a baby with a bonnet on..... Still, it did keep the rain out of my ears.... thankful for small mercies!

Grace was pretending to be a big, tough, fast, lurcher type, but was that lot scared the pants off her - although there was one very sexy greyhound type,  nice ginger brindle... tall, good bones.....Anyway, moving on....

I did not even look at them - apart from the sexy ginger brindle, tall, slim......Anyway, moving on.....

I walked directly behind Mummy, so, if any of them unruly mutts came running at me, they had to take Mummy out first.... method in my walking with my nose behind Mummys right knee.

So I got wet, tired and bored.

But then we went to the pub and had crisps! I did my expert procedure of extracting the last crumbs out of the packet - Grace just doesn't appreciate the art of fine dining.

Then we went home, heating on when we got home, food, and warmth - Ouch, not that much warmth thank you - I am not a mutt - woman! But, I will move.....Swap with Grace.......

Did someone say something about a second packet of crisps?  Yes, Katie, it was mummy - in your dreams!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Grooming Day

Grace Puppy

Today is a Saturday, but we did not gos out for ours normal walkings, because, mummy had to go to the groomers, so, we just had a 'sniff walk' (where we sniff, wee and do #pooclub) around the block!  When mummy got back we thought we would be going out for our proper walk, but, mummy said, 'No' and that Alan and Andrew (Mummys brothers) were coming to see us at home - well, they came and brought a machine thingy with them.  I was not worried about the machine thingy at first because I was so excited to see them in my house! I did bounce and bounce and bounce, then teggies and more bounces.  We went out into the garden, then they started paying attention to the machine thingy - that was not fair!  Katie and I were upset, but, Andrew took us into the kitchen and started to feed us treats, whilst mummy and Alan paid attention to the machine thingy.  We could not stay in the kitchen! We kept going to see what they were doing to our living room. The carpet was damp under our paws - Oh, No, what had happened?  It smelt different too.  Mummy said, they had 'Shampooed ' the carpet - so the carpet had been to the groomers too!  Help, are we next to go to the groomers?  Mummy doesn't mind going to the groomers, and the carpet did not seem to bother too much about being groomed, but we mind - we have our claws cut!

Katie and Grace
Katie Whippet

It is so, we have been told, our claw cutting appointment is on Monday morning at 9.15am! There, we told you didn't we, where all this grooming was going!  We are trying not to be too worried, because, we should be goings on a walk with the lurchers tomorrow!  But, Mummy says, it might rain.  We (like all other Whippets) do not like the rain.

Most of the time, we have problems telling people stuff, because we get so excited about it all! So, we might go into our, manta - a wee and a poo, a wee and a poo, a sniff and a scratch, a sniff and a scratch, and then, we go for a snooze and a sleep, and a snooze and a sleep.  When mummy comes home, we go 'where you been, where you been, where you been, what you got, what you got, what you got, been, been been, got, got, got.....' When it is time to go out, we go, 'Going for a walk, going for a walk, going for a walk'.  You see, we do get very excited about everything and anything. Except claw cutting!