Katie and Grace

Hello, we are two sighthounds who like to blog and Tweet.

I am Katie Whippet - I am a brindle and white whippet, who likes to sleep and eat. I do have some duties, I keep the sofa safe, bark at the bin men, steal and hide shoes and help the puppy evict cats from our garden.

I am Grace Puppy - I am Grace Puppy - I am not actually a puppy any more, but, because I am young, Katie Whippet calls me puppy. I like to whine and play. My duties are keeping watch for cats in the garden.

We live with Mummy, and two cats, Yazz Cat and Tom Cat and like to tell everyone about what we are getting up to.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A helping paw

Grace Puppy

Since we's been on Twitter, we have made lots of new friends!  Our new friends like to help hounds that have not found their forever homes yet, and are living in kennels.

I am a very lucky puppy because I have only ever been loved - but, before Katie Whippet came to mummy, we are not so sure about her past!

This makes me really sad, because all hounds should have a loving forever home - so, Katie and I like to do our houndy bit for helping not so fortunate hounds.

To do this, we buy things where money is to be donated to hounds kennels - to help them make sure that all the hounds they care for can find nice forever homes.

Our friend on Twitter @holly_bobbins Grandma - Grandma Bobbins knits Mini Me hounds! Check this pair out! As you can see they are made to look the same as we do! Even downs to the white tips on our tails!

If you would be liking a Mini Me Hounds - be contacting @holly_bobbins via twitter.
Katie and Grace Mini Me

Cute or what?
Also,  fellow blogger and our twitter friend @davidsbestmate who has written a luffly booky about his adventures 'My Ritings' which is sold in aid of hounds in kennels - Has gone one step further and had his pawtrate done! It shows all his favourite things! Around a lovely picture of him - Handsome David!  This is also being sold in aid of poor unfortunate hounds.  You can be findings his booky and Pawtrate for sale at www.davidsbestmate.blogspot.com

Davids Pawtrate! Handsome!

Katie Whippet doesn't like to talk about hounds that have not founds their forever homes because it does make her upsets! She doesn't like to bes admittings it either.  But all hounds do have her total support - because she knows what it was like to be passed from pillar to post during her very early years.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Holey Friday! (Photo special)

Katie and Grace

Mummys tooks us to see the wabbit hole again today.  She said it was a special walkings so we could spend time investigating the ditch and the wabbit holes!

On the way over the horse field to see the wabbit holes, Katie started to run!  Katie never runs when she is out with me, because I tend to try to trip her up, and want to play, but we both did runnings to the Wabbit Holes!

It was raining so we gots very wet! But Mummy did to takings of photos of us - mostly of Katie, because she had her head down holes most of the time - I did bouncings in the ditch.

Here are our photos:
This is the bank where the wabbits lives
There be wabbits down these holes
Having a good shake
Katie thinking.......
Ooo, there is another one - excitings!

One wet (scruffy) whippet

Good one of Katie Bum

Katie standing in a wabbit hole - Listening

Monday, 23 April 2012

Holey Bunnies

Katie and Grace

We's doings a postings togethers abouts the wabbits we did chasings of todays.

Mummy took us for a walkings this mornings, and we did see some squirrel monsters, in the woods, so we did chasings of those - then we went across the field, and I (Grace Puppy) did zoomies with my cola bottle.

Whens we gets to the edge of the fields, we do be seeings wabbits in the ditch on the other side of the path.  There were lots of holes in the bank of the ditch.

I (Grace Puppy) was so excited that I did bouncings over to see the wabbits - but they had all disappeared by the time I had got there.

Katie Whippet, is a bit more of an expert with wabbits than I am. So, whilst I am bouncing up and down the ditch looking for the wabbits, Katie is doing a bit of closer investigation work: - She has her head down a wabbit hole!  Not only that, but she is also digging at the bank of the ditch.

I continue to do bouncings in the ditch - much to mummys delight, disgust - who by this time is standing, watching Katie Whippet doing her bit for earth moving equipment.

Mummy calls Katie Whippet, Katie ignores Mummy, Mummy calls me, I ignores mummy.  Mummy carries on standing watching two hounds one bouncing like a gazelle, the other doing JCB impressions.

We's not doings as we are being asked..... This can only mean one thing - we's going to ends up on our leads...

Ooo, got to catch us firsts....

That was not too difficults, as Katie was stationary - and Mummy just had go into the ditch to get her....

Oh, OKs then, I will comes back... did you mention treats?

Oh, Katie is coming back too - look at the state of her! For a dog who will not usually get her paws wet, she is covered in soil, worms, leaf mold, bits of twigs.

So's as feared we are backs on our leads.  Mummy still took us for a bit more of a walkings though.

Then she took us to the river path, and let us off our leads for a little bit more of a run.

We's still very excited about seeings the wabbits - so I did a bit more bouncing, and Katie did a bit more sniffings.

Then we's went homes for snoozes.

Excitings day!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Where to Snooze? (New sofa debate)

This is what Sofas are for!
Katie Whippet
The double duvet sofa

We are always having this argument in our house - who is having the sofa.  As you be knowings, sighthounds do be likings sofas.  As our living room is only small, we's have a 2 seater sofa, which is just the right size for a whippet to stretch out on - Far too small for a human to do snoozes on.  But, Mummy always seems to be wanting to be doing snoozings on the sofa.

I ain't a moving!

If by some fluke, Mummy does being getting to the sofa before me - I then climb up behind her, and try to push her off. Or, I pace around the living room making her feel uncomfortable!  Mummy does be saying that we whippets can do sleepings on the chairs or the cushion on the floors - but, she not understanding - the sofa is where we should be!

For a long times now, Mummy has been sayings that we do be needings a new sofa. Mummy has not got nearly as much furniture now as she did be havings in the living rooms before - because she has got rid of the large cupboard and set of draws.  She nearly took the plunge last years - going for a 5 seater leather sofa, but, then Thomas Cat came to stay, and she's decided she would be waitings until he was bigger because he might claw the sofa.  So, we's still waitings.

Now Mummy has decided that we's not be having a leather sofa, because of the cats clawing it - so she is still trying to decide what to have.  She's be sayings, 5 seater corner sofa would being big enough for two hounds, two cats and one human. She's be sayings this for a longs times, but nothings has happened yet.

Now, you see, if I am on the sofa, I will not move for anyone. Sofas need guarding at all times - especially from sneaky Mummys who might just nick it from under your nose.  Grace doesn't seem to accept this duty, and if she is on the sofa and Mummy wants it - Grace will jump off, and go on either a chair or on the cushion on the floor.

Mummy has made the sofa a place for hounds to be doing sleepings really, because she be's havings put a single duvet over the sofa and tucked it in around the cushions, and then another single duvet over the top, so I's can make myself a tent by going under the top duvet, and being very snuggly.

At Night times, we do's not have a problem, because mummys has a double bed and I sleeps in there with her. I does have my basket for the summer when it gets too warm in bed, and also an old duvet on the floor, where I can sleep too.

But, until Mummy does be goings to visit DFS she's always going to have the problem of a Katie Whippet taking up all of her sofa.

Grace Puppy

I's not be knowings what all this fuss is about a news sofa - Mummy and Katie has been going on about it for years!

I only ever use the sofa at the night where I go under the top duvet to do sleepings.  I used to sleep with Mummy and Katie until Thomas Cat came to stay - he jumps on me and bites my tail, so, I growl at him and be's going out of his way down stairs.  Thomas Cat, always sleeps on Mummys bed.

I's not be liking it if someone be's getting too close to me when I am lying down.  I usually grumble and move.  Although, if Katie be's lying down, I do go and lie on top of her! But, that is different because that is my choice!

I do be liking to sleep on the spare duvet, which is on the bedroom floor.  It was never meant to be on the bedroom floors, it was on top of the draws.  But, Thomas Cat, helped by jumping on it, and making it fall off the tops of the draws, and then I made a nest in it - now, Mummy be saying, it is no use moving it.  It is being too big to go in the washing machine - so, we's be havings it!

I be having my cushion on the floors down stairs, where I can do snoozings if Mummy decides to put the fire on.  Then it is very nice and warm and I can do stretchings out.

Of course, there is always Mummy's bed - which is an option to be made the most of  - we can be doing playings on the bed, as well as sleepings. Of course, you have to do messings ups of beds too - it being only to be expected!

How to mess up a bed!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Bunny Hunting

Grace Puppy

It's Easter Sunday today, Mummy says.  Apparently, Easter is a very good time for hounds - because it comes after the March Hares, Easter is the times for Bunnies.  Apparently, also, Bunnies are not as fast as hares - so there easier to do chasings. But, Mummy also says, Bunnies go under the ground - down holes, so, they may not be as fast as hares, but they can do hidings.  Sneaky Bunnies. Sneaky Easter Bunnies.

I had this in mind when I was doings trottings a long the foot path next to the turf field.  Now, the turf field has been leveled and sown with seeds - we are knowings this, because we saw the man in his tractor doing the seed sowing.  The turf field is very flat and smooth - and it also has no fences along the foot path.

Over on the far side near the squirrel woods there are lots of brambles - and I am remembering from last years, that is where the bunnies have their holes, where they do hidings.

I am thinkings about bunnies whist doing trottings, then suddenly, I also thinkings I be seeings a bunny near the brambles on the other sides of the fields near squirrel woods.  Ooo, nice flat fine soil to do runnings over too! I set off at Super Grace Puppy Zoomies Lets Chase bunny/hare/motorbikes/anything that moves Pace.

In the distance, I can be hearing barking - Oh, it is Katie Whippet, shouting what I should be doing, 'What?' Ooo, the bunny has doing hidings - Oh bum, I won't let Katie think I was chasing, I was just having a run on a nice flat field - Nice circle, back on to the foot path, back to mummy - Ooo, that was a nice stretch. Ooo, Mummy has got treats - Ooo, thank you mummy.  Mummy knows I was chasing something, but she doesn't make rude remarks about my running or chasing tactics.  Katie you can shut your muttious mouth.

Katie Whippet.

Puppy Pants went full pelt across the turf field - Hallucinating bunny rabbits - it is all this talk of Easter.  There were no rabbits there, I checked on my way down the foot path.  For a start, she has not got a clue. You don't chase rabbits when they are next to their holes anyway!  Wait for them to be in the middle of the turf field, when the grass has grown - early in the morning, before any other dogs have been that way.  Then stand, eye ball them for a moment, because, if they are going to run, they will then - It is always good, if you can do a little bit of the maths in your head first. Your stride x distance to rabbit x distance to hole x angle of interception = Rabbit in Gob!

Then go, bullet out of a gun, Katie Whippet after a rabbit. Oh I have come sooo close, sooo many times!

Anyway, just in case there was a rabbit, I starts shouting at Grace, she needs to go a bit wider, calculate the angle to the rabbit hole/cover - Oh, now what? She is slowing down - Oh, circling, Oh, so, no bunny then? Oh, make it look like you were just running for the sake of running then! Oh, nice touch, back to mummy for some treats eh?  Huh, I would have been up at those holes, sniffing and digging!  There was obviously never a rabbit in the first place!

Look here puppy pants, you just have not got a clue, you just don't listen. Listen to the master, Katie Whippet - I have chased more rabbits than you have had tins of Chappie! You might be able to run a long way, but you haven't got the power off the blocks - you need to build up your bum muscles!

Ooo, don't you tell me to shut up, I am not a mutt, your the mutt......

Thursday, 5 April 2012

New House Collar

Grace Puppy

Just a quick note to you all, to say my new house collar arrived today:

My new very own house collar

It is very posh.  I am just wondering if Mummy will let me keep it on all the time, when I go out for my walks, because I do have a habit of getting rather dirty.  I am thinkings, she will take it off for a while, until she forgets to, then I roll in some poo, and it has to be washed.....  Ooo, it is far to nice to be washed - I will have to remind Mummy to take it off.

Katie Whippet was thinking about asking for a new coat for her birthday, because she is getting on a bit - she needs all the help she can get to stay warm - there are some lovely fleecey warm coats available, which she could wear in the house in the winter if mean old mummy decides to turn the heating off when she goes to work.  Katie usually goes under her duvet on the sofa, but, it would be nice for her to be able to mooch around the house in a cosy coat.  But Katie likes the collars too - Ooo, if Katie wants a coat and a collar, maybe I should ask for a coat too......

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Birthday Dilemma

Grace Puppy

It beings my Birthdays on the 15th April. (Pop that in your diary please.) I will be 3 years old.  For my Birthdays I asked Mummy if I could have a new house collar.  Because we wear harnesses for our walkings we have fabric collars for wearing in the house.  I had Katie's old one when I came to Mummy, and Katie had a new one.  So, I have never had a house collar of my own, and I was thinkings - in a Grace Puppy way - that it would be nice to have an especially posh new house collar for my Birthdays.

But, the ones I have seen from my friends on Twitter, have been very expensive, but are beautiful. I was knowings this would be takings some workings on Mummy.  I know she loves me very much, but - she was sayings that if I had one, then Katie would be wantings ones too.

I had been Tweeting and came a cross @Soxiloxi, who has a special method of getting what you are wantings, it is called hypnotising .  @Soxiloxi had shared this on twitter - so I decided to give it a tryings.

It goes:


Well, after a week of tryings this out on mummy, she has decided to let me have my new house collar for my Birthday - which will mean, Katie will have to wait  until her Birthday for hers.

Katie might need to learn how to be doings #lookintomyeyesnotaroundmyeyesintomyeyes too, in case Mummy does do forgettings.

Well, if only it was that simple - then Mummy asked me which collar I would be likings - and showed me the pictures from the web site.  OMD (Oh My Dog) there was hundreds - well, I can only count up to three, and there was more than three, so there must have been hundreds.

I tried #lookintomyeyesnotaroundmyeyesintomyeyes , but it not be workings on computers - so that was no helpings.   I asked Katie, but because she is not getting one until her birthdays, she was not going to help me.  So, I asked Mummy and she helped me narrow it down to some I liked the most, and I was able to be doing choosings.

I have chosen this one:
My Birthday Collar

I am thinkings it will be lookings very nice against my dark brindle.

I might let Katie try it on.

Katie Whippet

Looks like puppy pants has got her own way again!  She has been going on about this collar for weeks.  Saying that she has never had anything new, it has all been Katie's cast offs - I don't be thinking so! She has had a new coats, jumper, harness, lead and the amount of money Mummy has had to spend on her poorly tummy too - although - I do not begrudge her that - she was a poorly little puppy for a long time.

So, she told all her friends on Twitter to help her get this collar - and it looks like she has found a new skill too. Hypnotising #lookintomyeyesnotaroundmyeyesintomyeyes .  I have not tried it yet, but I am thinking of getting on Twitter and having a word with @Soxiloxi to see if there are any tips I can use.

Anyway, I did not help her choose that collar - Mummy did.

Apparently, I have got to wait until my birthday, in October!.  I am not thinking so - I will melt Mummy well before then - Soxi!