Katie and Grace

Hello, we are two sighthounds who like to blog and Tweet.

I am Katie Whippet - I am a brindle and white whippet, who likes to sleep and eat. I do have some duties, I keep the sofa safe, bark at the bin men, steal and hide shoes and help the puppy evict cats from our garden.

I am Grace Puppy - I am Grace Puppy - I am not actually a puppy any more, but, because I am young, Katie Whippet calls me puppy. I like to whine and play. My duties are keeping watch for cats in the garden.

We live with Mummy, and two cats, Yazz Cat and Tom Cat and like to tell everyone about what we are getting up to.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lazy rainy day

Ooo, Hello, Katie Whippet here!

We did not do much today, because it be rainings.  We had a short walkings around the block - Mummy was hopings it would be dry for this evenings.  But unfortunately it is still rainings, so I settled down in front of the TV to do watchings of the Limpics.

I do's have some good ideas.  First, beings, if Pedigree Joint Care+ could have a category in their trial for the most Lazy dog, then I would win.

Also if Limpics had Snoozings as a sport, then us hounds would win lots of Golds for team GB - because I am thinkings Team GB would be liking Golds.

But, Mummy says, she still very excited that the Eventing Team did be getting a Silver. Mummy do be liking horses almost as much as she be likings hounds!

So I be doings my Videos today from my sofa.


Monday, 30 July 2012

Trottings (Pedigree Joint Care+ update)

Mornings everyone! Katie Whippet here!

We did longs walking yesterdays with our lurcher pals, but Mummy could not take any video, becausings, she was too busy trying to keep an eye on Grace Puppy, who wanted to do zoomies all the time.  I did some nice trotting behinds mummy.

To days, I been out for my walkings very early - Mummy took us out before 7am!  I hads onlys justs gots outs ofs my beds!  But, it was a nice morning, and there was sunshine with a little bit of a coolings breezings. 

Mummy did be doings takings lots of video of me, because I felt good and did lots of trottings! I even did a bit of a gallop, and I was not chasings anythings either!

I do be feelings a little bit more confidents about doings my trottings on my walkings.  I be more happy and not so worried about Grace jumpings on me - because she does things like that you know!

Mummy be sayings it is all down to me takings my Pedigree Joint Care+ treats, I do be thinking so toos.  But, I also be making Mummy feed them to me in bits now - because I do beings like to be hand fed! It also does be meanings that Grace Puppy and Thomas Cat can not be getting their paws on them eithers!


The biggest things for me to be doings on a regular basis, is to be doings jumpings in to the car.


We do also be havings update on Muddy Puddle......
Very Sad.....
It nearly all dried ups!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Busy Day (Pedigree Joint Care Trial Update too)

Mornings! Katie Whippet here!

We do be havings a very busy day todays.

I have been for my walkings, and done some trottings - agains! Me do be thinkings that my Pedigree Joint Care+ treats are makings some differences. I have been takings them for just over a week nows and I do be feeling a little more comfortables on my walkings.  Mummy did be sayings, sometimes it maybes bes my confidence - I am not a very confident Whippet, but, we's hoping if I am feeling better in my joints, maybe my confidence will be improvings too.

But, I did be making Mummy walkings backwards!

We be havings Stop Press news on the Puddle.......

It bes even smaller!

We bes gettings homes from walkings, and Mummy bes doings gardenings, whilst Grace and I do Supervisings, sunbathings and I bes protecting my biscuit stash.


Biscuit Stash 

Then Arthur Ferrets bes doings escapings, and had Mummy in a bit of panickings  - but she knowings he could not be goings too fars - as he only has little legs.  So she be findings hims at the bottom of the garden, investigating the guinea pig run - buts, it is fox proof, and it be ferret proof too.  Terry ferret had also been doing escapings, but he was under his hutch and met Mummy when she came out of the kitchen. They be naughty boys, and have been grounded!  Now they have to be goings in their wooden carrying box when mummy be cleanings them outs - but they do be having their harnesses nows, so you might be seening proper video of them beings outsides on their leads.
Arthur Ferret

Then we goes in to the house to see how the Olympics is coming on and Grace be doings killings Turkey.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Walkings with Friends (video special)

Hellos Everyones, It is Grace Puppy here!

Todays we did walkings with Loki and Eli!

I did be doings zoomies with Loki!

I also be doing lyings downings and havings a roll  (Mummy does loves Eli)

Katie did be doings somes trottings

Katie be doings some more rollings.

 I did do some bouncings and Loki went looking for poo

Then we did goings to Grans and I did be having a Whonky Chomp - but Katie did not like hers, so she had some Scruffy Bites, and half a cup of Grandads tea!

Then Mummy be helpings with decoratings, so we did snoozings in Grans beds.

Tomorrow, we will be reporting from muddy puddle, and sunk boat! (Olympics coverage has nothing on us)

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hi everyone. Katie Whippet here.  Just a quick update tonights!

Mummy did not be takings the video camera with her this mornings, because the camera was tired and needed a rest, plugged in to the mains. So, just to make sure she realised she should have had it with her, I did trottings in front of her, and then did bouncings with Grace puppy!

I am not sure if I am feeling a little it better these days - maybe it bes to early to be tellings, but I do seem to be movings betters.

We be goings to meet up with the lurcher crowd on Sunday and be goings to see cousins tomorrows.  So Mummys do be taking camera with her.  It might need a rest if it is going to do zoomies with lurchers.

Mummy did be goings buying treats for Sunday today - I do be thinking she spent all our treat money!

Bye Bye for nows

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Katie gets in on the act!

Mornings alls! It is Katie Whippet here!  It be my turn to do the blog today!

Firstly, I have a confession to make....  I have had to go in the bath!

Mummy was very careful to put Grace on her lead! But, I found some really nice smelly, gooey, sticky - did I mention smelly, lovely, muddy/pooy stuff on the side of the path, so I did my bestest rolling in it!

Look at the end of the video, I do my bestest smiling face!

I think Mummy has given up!  Because she started taking video of the rivers!

I also gave Mummy a bit of a surprise.  On Monday night, Mummy be goings to beds, and Grace and I do be staying down stairs for a bit.  Anyway, the way Mummy can tell who be coming up stairs is from the sound we make.  I do walkings up stairs, and Grace does bouncing.  Well, Monday night, I did bouncing! I did be surprising Mummy because she thought it was Grace Puppy coming up stairs! Mummy not being sure if this is because of me eating my Pedigree Joint Care+ Treat, but she is going to try and get video when I do my normal walk up stairs, and then see if bouncing becomes more a regular thing!

Muddy puddle report: 
it be getting smaller

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Double Whoops!

Hi Everyone!

Mummy bes taking us walking this mornings - she took the video camera so she could show everyone where I went yesterdayings.  I was put on my lead! Yesings!

She also showed the ducks and the moor hen! and for some reason a plane in da sky!

We started walking back to the car, and Mummy decided she would be likings to take some photos of some flowers in the hedgerow, as we were well away from the puddle - she let me off my leadings!

Guess what I did!

Mummy does apologise  for the quality of this video, as she was looking directly into the sun.

Mummy was not impressed she did do shoutings and did be having a 'Fenton' moment!

So, I had another shower - I jumped straight in the bath, and had a double shampoo, my harness is in the washing machine - again!  Mummy did not be doing videos of me getting dry this times - because she was not the happiest of Mummys

Monday, 23 July 2012

Getting Older

Hi Katie Whippet here!

Did you be seeings what Grace Puppy be gettings up toos this mornings!

You would never catch me doing that!  Ooo, or maybe once I might have.

As you get older, you start to think about what you do.  Have never liked getting wet, but, if there was a squirrel monster to be chased I could make an exception.  Mummy has been waste deep in water rescuing me before now!  But, I would not do that now, even if there was a squirrel monster.

I am not sure if I am having problems with my joints - I sometimes feel a bit stiff, in my back leg, but usually Mummy will rub my leg and it feels better.

A while back I stopped jumping in the car, which made Mummy think I might be feeling my age - I will be 10 years old in October (22nd in case you were wondering)

Mummy did be buyings some oil stuff to help me, but, Grace and I have always eaten out of the same bowl - and Mummy did not want to stop that.  So, she was findings it difficults to see if I got the right dose of oil.

Mummy says, with getting older, sometimes you do not realise that you are slowing down, because it is a gradual process.  Maybe I do feel a little stiff sometimes.

But, I am a very brave whippet.  I took a pad of my front paw on the bottom of a metal door, and I did not say anything to Mummy, she only noticed when I was standing in a pool of blood! I had to have 2 staples in that!  So, I would not be doing moaning.  I sometimes do not be wantings to go for walkings, but that is mainly in the winter, when I am under my 'two duvets'.

Now, Grace Puppy is a different story - she gives you the 'sorry for herself' sad eyes, at any opportunity! She also whines a lot!

Anyway - the point I am trying to make is, I am not sure if the Pedigree Joint Care+ are working yet.  Mummy is taking plenty of video to try and make sure if there are any differences - then she will be noticing them and report to the lovely people at Pedigree who be sending me treats!

As for playing - I never really played.  Not like Grace does.  I think it goes back to my puppyhood, when I did not get the chance to learn play.  Since Grace Puppy has come to us, I do be doings play fighting with her - but at the end of the day - she be needing to know who is boss - and that is still me - despite her being about a centimeter taller than me!

We will be waitings and seeings. Mummy did be sneaky todays, because of what Grace did this mornings, we had to wait until evenings for our treats.  Because it was a nice evenings, Mummy be eating her tea outside in the back garden.  Because I was more interested in her tea than my Pedigree Joint Care+ treat, she be braking it up into little bits and feeding it too me.  It was only when she had finished her tea, and was still feeding me bits, I realised.


Hello, it is Grace puppy here!

I have taken over the blog for today, becauseings, I been a very naught girl!

Mummy did not take the video camera on our walkings this mornings.  Good job too!  Other wise she would have caught me in the act!

Near the Trent, as you saw in yesterdays blog, there is a lot of smelly flood water.  Well, there is a particularly smelly bit, where some duck like to go.  It is mainly mud and then it goes down into some deep water.

Wellings, I was able to get under the wire, and go chasings ducks!  This is before the spot where mummy sees it as necessary to put my lead on! (Now it won't be).

The duck did not seem to be able to get out the water - so I did splashings and chasings it through the water - doing bouncings in the water.

Needless to be sayings, Mummy was not impressed - OOoo, 2nd time in 2 days! Whoops

After that, we does going homes! Mummy says the car stinks now! I be thinking it is a better smell than the air freshener!

When we gets home - I have to go up stairs and have a shower!

Mummy does be sayings when she is washings me, that there was soo much dirt coming out of my coat, she had to shampoo me twice!  I was not looking, I just stood with my head against Mummys legs.
When she had given me a good rinse, I was able to get out the shower and do a big shake before Mummy could be throwing a towel over me! HeHe!

Another thing! I did not want my breakfast this mornings.  I went out into the garden and ate lots of grass.  Then I did beings sick!  I went back inside and lay down and looked very sorry for myself.....  Mummy be sayings now,  there was nothing seriously wrong with me, if half an hour later I had do behavings like I did doings!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday mornings walkings and wees

Hello again! Katie Whippet here.  We were able to got for a proper walkings down to the river Trent todays, because the flood water has gone off the path.

I had a bit of a cough this mornings, Mummy was a little worried.  But, she did not know, that Grace and I had a bottle of Champagne last night after she had gone to bed*. (I had bought it out of the treat money I had stashed)

Because of the Champagne, Grace and I were not thinking bout what we were doing. You may not know this, but despite Grace being a girl, she likes to cock her leg - especially when she is on her walkings, and is in a hurry.  When she is out in the garden and Mummy wants her to come inside, she will squat to do her wee, because it takes longer.  Anyway - we were both a little fuzzy headed, and I went to sniff where Grace had just sniffed, but she was about to wee on the sniff, and instead she wee'd on my head!  Mummy was not impressed!

As we got down closer to the river Trent, we could see how much flood water there was still in the fields - phooow, it did do smellings a bit!  Because it be getting warmer.  We like it now it be getting warmer.  Hounds do be likings doing sunbathings and beings outsides on long walkings.

But, I do be having confession to make, Mummy gave me my Joint Care+ treat in the garden this afternoon, and I trotted on to the lawn and left it on the lawn whilst I did go doing investigations in the undergrowth - When I be gettings back - it had gone! Me thinkings Grace Puppy might have dones eatings it. I am not sures! Mummy be saying I can have another one - but I do havings to be more carefuls with them - she says she will have to be doings supervisings to make sure I don't be doing loosing it agains - I do be blaming the Champagne!

*Don't worry hound lovers - they did not really have Champagne - they just behaved like they had

Mummy did be doing boring photographs when we be getting downs to the rivers.  I said she could put them on my blogs - after I 'lost' my Joint Care+ Treat......

Narrow Boat on the Trent

Thistle head

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sunny Saturday Evening

Saturday Evening, and it is actually nice and sunny outside for once.  So, I decide to go out into the back garden with Mummy and Grace Puppy.  Mummy takes the ball thrower which came with MY Joint Care+ trial pack.  I don't play with balls... Well, sometimes I might.... It depends on my mood....  Anyway, they are MINE and NOT Grace Puppys - but, she appears to have got one of my balls!  I try and sort her out!  But, as you can see from the video, she is very fast - See what I have to put up with?

I much more prefer doing a bit of gardening!

Or eating the Goosegrass!

Mummy dids also doings video of da Ferretty Boyz - they used to do livings with us, but, mummy broke her wrist, and they dids gettings very fat and very naughty and did bitings.  So, Mike took them over, and now they do comes back for their holidays when Mike goes on his holidays - he works at the Airport, so he does lots of holidays and we been having da Boyz for 8 weeks!  They still very naughty, but not as fat! Arthur ferret did bitings Grace when he first arrived for his holidays!

These be Terry and Arthur - Yes, there is a reference to Minder. Basically, because they are two dodgy blokes!

Good Mornings!

This is our Early Morning Play Fight - I am telling Grace, I am still Boss

Hello Everyone.  We went walkings up in Derbyshire yesterday, but Mummy had a bit of a Technological brain block, and had switched the camera to close up mode - and then could now work out how to switch it back, (Er? that would be the switch on the side then?) so everything is in fuzzy photos - not worthy of my blog page thank you Mummy!

Curbur Edge - 
We did manage to get one view of a friends phone camera which is half way decent.  But it is of some rocks not of us!

Anyway to compensate from messing up the record of our walkings - which was very high up on Curbur Edge, and it was also very wet on the moors - Mummy took videoing of our early morning play fight and bouncings, which we do every mornings on Mummys bed - just to make sure it is messed up enough for our snoozings when Mummy goes to do workings.  We have our bed on the floor, and we have to mess that up too!  

Can you guess who is making all the noise? Answers on twitter to @KatieandGrace 

Mummy does be sayings 'Welcome to my world, that's how we start every single day!'  

This is not strictly true, as sometimes Thomas cat tries to help us - but usually ends up legging it!  In which case Grace Puppy will try and get him back by chasing him!

I also had my forth Pedigree Joint Care+ Treat today - but would not finish it whilst I was being filmed - HeHeHe....

We be going walkings this afternoons with Uncle Alan!  We be going to Orchid Wood then on to Wilne, around the lake, then back to Grans for cups of tea.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Grace Puppy steal the show!

When Mummy said I could do my own blog, without Grace.  I was so excited - but, this blog does be showing some of Graces antics!

Mummy took us out for walkings very early this mornings, because she had got to be at workings earlier because she being on a course.  So, we's down by the canal at 7.00am!  Normally, it is about 8.30am, as mummy works afternoons.

Mummy said she would do video of me on my walkings - I was be thinkings - Oh, no you won't.....HeHe.  So, I took up my usual position of nose behind the knee, which made it impossible for Mummy to film me!
But, she turned around and started to walk backwards, and got me that way.  Sneaky Mummy!

Mummy does walking backwards

Then Grace Puppy does going into field with long grass - she is pouncing around - and then she finds a pheasant! Ooo, I have to do trottings to have a lookings!

Then Grace steals the show by doing bouncings in the long grass, and Mummy does filming her!

I do not go doings a lot of runnings and chasings, unless it is really worth it!  I have to take into consideration,  if the grass is long, it might be wet, if there is a puddle, I might get my paws wet.  I don't like having to go under gates or over fences - but when I was younger, I used to do both.  Grace does both.

Grace does pheasant chasing

I supposes when you doings gettings olders you have to take into account what you do, you do not have the energy, and things tend to ache and hurt.  You can get into the routine of spending a lot of time on the sofa.  I suppose that is why, although Grace puppy is a pain in the bum, it is good having her around because she keeps me on my toes, along with Yazz cat, Thomas Cat and the Ferrety Boyz, who are here  on holiday - Mummy does do lookings afters them when their owners be away.

I have a lot to put up with, if I do not want to play with her, Grace barks at me.  If I run, Grace chases me and  tries to get my back leg in her mouth!
Grace does bouncing

So, anyway, we carries on with our walkings - and we go to the special place where last Saturday, we did do seeing wabbit.  Then we had to do turnings rounds and goings back in time for breakfast and Mummy get ready to be doing workings.

I had my Joint Care+ treat, Grace had her Denta Stick, and Thomas had nothing.... HeHeHe.

Tomorrow, we be doing goings on car ride up into Derbyshire.  Hopefully it will not be doings rainings, and we can be doings nice long walkings.

We do like our car - it is set up just for us - we have tinted windows in the back, a hammock so we do not fall into the footwell, and a big cushion to sleep on.  We have our own seat belts which attach to our harnesses.  The car is a 'climate' module so we have air conditioning.  Mummy did do buyings it for our comfort! 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Katie Whippet Pedigree Joint Care+ Trial

A while back, I stopped jumping into the car when we went out.  Mummy thought because I am nearly 10 years old, whether I might be feeling my age a little and my joints might benefit from a supplement.  We had a look around at what the local pet shop had, and came away with some oil stuff.  But, because Grace and I eat out of the same bowl, it was difficult to administer it in the correct dose to me.  Mummy was looking for something else when she heard about the Joint Care+ Trial on Twitter @wearefordogs.  So, we are taking part in the trial, and as part of that I am writing my own blog - No Grace Puppy muscling in on this one......

Mummy and I are going to take video and write about how I get on with the Pedigree  Joint Care+ trial.

Apologies, this video has had to be cut short to upload!

Ooo, it be my exciting day today.  First there was a knock at the door, and Grace and I do barkings! Mummy shut us in the living room and answered the door.  Then she came in the living room with a parcel.  It was for me!  I did sniffings.  'Are you being sure it is for me?' Mummy said 'Yessing'.  I was wondering what it might be.  Mummy opened it.  There was a big bag inside with my name on it, Mummy said it was a rucksack.  Ooo, I am impressed.  Mummy opened the bag, inside there was a ball thrower, and a tube of balls - me thinking, Grace Puppy might be stealing those.  Then, there were boxes of treats! Ooo, this is what it is all about! My Pedigree Joint Care+ treats.  Then, mummy finds a box in there which is for her! It be a video camera! OMD.  She spends the next hour working out how to use it! (Technophobe)

So, despite just having a Denta Stick, Mummy gives me a Pedigree Joint Care+ stick.  I am not too sure about new things - I have to be in the right mood or making sure no one else is going to eat it.

Well, Mummy wants to try the camera out, so I have to humour her. Mummy gives me the Pedigree Joint Care+ stick and I put my paw  on it - to stop it trying to escape - you never know.....

Mummy starts talking to me, holding the camera thing up - Then Thomas Cat comes - right on cue for Mummy - because, he will nick my treats - so I have to start eating it.

Actually, it is very nice.  Nom nom. I am quite happy to chew away! Whilst mummy films me for some strange reason......

Mummy and I watch the film back, and it is quite funny, because Thomas tried to get at the treat!

But, when Mummy comes to upload the video to my blog, it is too big!  It won't load! 

All this time, Mummy been saying, 'You can do a blog Katie, about your Pedigree Joint Care+ trial' and now, the video won't load!  Mummy sees I am disappointed, so, spends another hour trimming the video - which involved downloading software and all sorts! (Not such a Technophobe)  She adds, if she had not sold the iMac to her brother, it would have been really easy - but she never does any video editing.... Until now!

So, apologies my video is shorter than it should be, and gets cut off mid sentence -  But, you will get the general idea, Pedigree Joint Care+ are nom nom. That is half the battle - eating something that is good for you, which tastes nice too!