Katie and Grace

Hello, we are two sighthounds who like to blog and Tweet.

I am Katie Whippet - I am a brindle and white whippet, who likes to sleep and eat. I do have some duties, I keep the sofa safe, bark at the bin men, steal and hide shoes and help the puppy evict cats from our garden.

I am Grace Puppy - I am Grace Puppy - I am not actually a puppy any more, but, because I am young, Katie Whippet calls me puppy. I like to whine and play. My duties are keeping watch for cats in the garden.

We live with Mummy, and two cats, Yazz Cat and Tom Cat and like to tell everyone about what we are getting up to.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Updates on Important Puddles

Ooo, Helloings, it do be Grace Puppy here.

Sorry, we have not been Blogging much lately, but Mummy do be havings to do cyclings to workings, and this do be talking up important typings times on behalf on Katie Whippets and myself.

Small muddy puddle
But todayings, we did be goings to see muddy puddle.  As you be knowings, there has been another muddy puddle trying to get in on the act - well, we can be well and truely be lettings you be knowings that he has been doing some growing - but not as much as big muddy puddle.

Big Muddy Puddle

So, it do be appearing that there is some competition between muddy puddles, and who can become a lake!  We do always be knowings that big muddy puddle will always be biggest, as he is nearer to the river, so he has an advantage. But we do be havings to applause small muddy puddle for his attempts, because he did do flooding the path too - but, we managed to get around him - but there was no getting around big muddy puddle where he had flooded the path!  

We do be spendings lots of our times helping the new sofa feel at home - New sofa has settled in now due to the amount of time we do be spending asleeps on him.  Mummy do be spending far to much time in comfy corner, which is the corner of the sofa where the coffee tables are! So, she can be putting her cup of tea on the table and snuggling up in the corner.

We do be getting excited for Christmas - we's not quite sure why, because last year I was a poorly puppy, because I ate some bacon and it made my tummy poorly, because it was too fatty.  I am not allowed very fatty stuff as my tummy doesn't like it.  Anyway, I eat Chappie now, so my tummy is fine!  Mummy has to be careful what treats I do be havings at Christmas time.

But, we do be gettings extra walkings and extra snuggles as mummy do be on holidays.  We might be doings walkings with our lurcher friends! We might be doings getting new coats - which Katie will like, but I am not too keen!

Anyways, time to be goings snuggles now, before Katie nicks comfy corner on the sofa!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Helloings! Katie and Grace still here

Ooo, we do be sayings Helloings!

Mummy do be havings flu, she be coughing and has a poorly head, so she be doings snoozings on the sofa!  We do be taking cares of her, by snugglings ups and making her get up every nows and agains to do lettings us outside for wees, or just for a sniff around the gardens - you cannot stay on the sofa all days Mummy!

Since Mummy do be startings cyclings to workings, we do not get as much Blog time as we used to, we also, do nots be getting down the path as fars as muddy puddle - which is a shame, because I would be lovings to pay hims a visit again!  (Me do be thinkings Mummy just doesn't have time to give me a bath should I go and pay a proper visit to muddy puddle!)

Anyway, we must go back and help Mummy get snuggles of the sofa - we do be hopings she be OKings for walkings tomorrows!

Byes for nows

Katie and Grace