Katie and Grace

Hello, we are two sighthounds who like to blog and Tweet.

I am Katie Whippet - I am a brindle and white whippet, who likes to sleep and eat. I do have some duties, I keep the sofa safe, bark at the bin men, steal and hide shoes and help the puppy evict cats from our garden.

I am Grace Puppy - I am Grace Puppy - I am not actually a puppy any more, but, because I am young, Katie Whippet calls me puppy. I like to whine and play. My duties are keeping watch for cats in the garden.

We live with Mummy, and two cats, Yazz Cat and Tom Cat and like to tell everyone about what we are getting up to.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Ooo, I do be sayings Helloings againings to all our friends out there in twitter and blogging lands.  Katie and I have been in hibernation.  This do be becausings of the chillyness of the weathers of winters, and the fact that everyone feels a bit tired and grumpy when the do beings gettings ups at 6.30am in the dark - to go for walkings.

We do be havings small selection of pictures takens during brief periods of awakeness when we ventured out between October and March.

Doings Sleepings
Foggy Sunrise
We did be goings out in the snows
Muddy Puddle doings Hidings under the snowings

Katie Doing sleepings in Jim Jams

I did do Zoomies in the snowings

Katie Whippet do be sayings Hellos